Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs!

Bed bug removal

Was it the bite marks? Was it the small red welts with tiny scabs on the top? Was it the blood droplets on your sheets or pillowcase? What was it that tipped you off, made you realize that your beautiful South Florida home had been invaded?

For most people, the possibility of finding bed bugs in their house never crosses their mind, until it’s too late. While these unwelcome guests don’t spread disease like other pests, the discomfort and mess they create demands that they be eliminated.

Identifying the Threat

There are several signs to help identify a bed bug infestation. First is the smell. Bed bug colonies have a musty, mildew-like odor. It is distinctive and out of place in most bedrooms. Secondly, they often leave blood droplets on sheets and bed linens while they feed. Also, they go through five growth cycles before reaching adulthood and leave their molted exoskeleton husks on mattresses, and below beds.

Use latex gloves, a flashlight, and a good magnifying glass to help you look. Strip all the bedclothes off of the mattress and box spring. Check carefully around every seam and crease. If there are bed bugs, you will find them.

Bed Bug Removal

There are really only two options for bed bug removal. Either you try to remove the pests yourself, or you call a professional. Each has its strengths and its drawbacks, and only you can decide where the balance between efficiency and economy needs to be.

Natural and Organic Methods for Bed Bugs

The first step in dealing with an infestation will be to clean the affected area. Since bed bugs are rapid movers, this will mean cleaning not just one room, but likely the entire house. Here are steps people typically take in DIY bed bug removal.

    • Strip the beds and wash all the fabrics.
      • This should include all pillow casings, cushion coverings, curtains, clothes, stuffed animals and any and all blankets or sheets in the affected areas.
      • Be sure to wash all fabrics on as high a temperature setting as possible.
      • If feasible use color-safe bleach to help kill the insects.
      • Dry fabrics on as high a heat setting as can be used without damaging the fabric.
    • Scrub mattresses and baseboards with a stiff bristle broom to remove bugs and eggs.
    • Vacuum the entire area and deposit the dirty bag in the garbage outside.
    • An alcohol and water solution can kill some bugs.
      • It is not as effective as chemical pesticides.
    • Spreading food grade diatomaceous earth into creases and crevices.
      • This perforates their exoskeletons, dehydrating and eventually killing them.
    • Hand-held or home steam cleaner can kill these insects with enough time and exposure.

Professional Bed Bug Extermination

By far the most effective method for combating an infestation and bed bug removal is to hire a licensed bed bug exterminator. The tropical climate of South Florida is a breeding ground for these pests, especially in the areas of the treasure coast from Palm Beach County through Miami Dade and Broward County. Professional bed bug removal options include bed bug heat treatment, access to professional-grade chemical treatments and the latest licensed techniques for combating these little nightmares by qualified experts.

When it comes time to battle these tiny home invaders, the only way to ensure complete removal is to call in a professional. Do it right and say goodnight to bed bugs! We are here for you, You Call Today We Come Today!

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