Termite Swarm Season is Coming

Prevent Termite Damage

From the beginning of spring to early summer every year, warm wet regions of the US get a spike in local termite swarms. Different termite species swarm at different times, but all of them end up costing homeowners billions of dollars in structural damage and removal costs each year.

Termite Damage Capitol of America

Termites however, for all their destructive potential, have a very specific environment in which they thrive. Because of this not all cities are at the same level of risk from these malevolent pests, however according to a recent Independent news article, 6 of the top 50 cities in the United States suffering from termite infestation are located here in South Florida.

Termites Love South Florida

The warm weather and moist tropical crosswinds here in the Sunshine State create an ideal setting for these termite colonies to take root. While not all termite species are able to thrive in the same location, South Florida provides the perfect combination for 4 of the most destructive termite varieties to thrive and multiply almost unchecked.

Miami Tops the Termite List

Tampa, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville and Fort Myers all made the list, but the number one city in the country for termite infestations is none other than Miami. In fact, the entire Southeastern coastline from West Palm Beach down through Fort Lauderdale and Miami is a hot bed for these voracious insects and accounts for millions of dollars in damage every year. Homeowners in these locations have to take special care in order to not lose what could be their most valuable investment.

Termite Infestation Prevention is Key

While living in these beautiful warm locations offers comforts and amenities found nowhere else in the world, it is important to minimize your personal risk. Knowing how to prevent termite colonies from taking hold on your property is imperative. Infestations by these pests are common throughout the Gold Coast. Thankfully, termite treatment options exist to both remove and prevent infestations.

Why Wait and Tent When You Can Prevent?

Most people are familiar with the standard tenting method. This is when a company covers the entire house with thick plastic material and fumigates the interior with poisonous gasses. But this method can impact both the landscaping around the property and damage the gutters and awnings of the house itself, potentially causing more damage to an already damaged structure. All food and medicines have to be removed from the property, the entire house must be scrubbed clean afterward, and you are often required to inform your neighbors of the process to avoid liability.

No Tent Heat Treatments Make Your Life Easier

Other less invasive options include spot and heat treatment.  Spot treatment works by targeting specific areas of termite infestation, drilling holes into the wooden structure and injecting the area with a concentrated termiticide that kills the entire colony. Heat treatment works by using ducted air to heat the walls and timber structures of a house to between 120 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, killing the colony and its Queen without chemicals, in one treatment. Neither of these options will damage or harm the landscape or your pets, and neither requires substantial preparation.

Pest Inspections Can Save Your Home

If you live in any of these affected areas, never rely on assumptions. Have a qualified and professional pest control specialist assess your property and recommend options, both for an existing infestation and for preventative maintenance. In South Florida termites are a fact of life. Don’t let them destroy your investments. Contact Us Today for an in-home inspection and treatment assessment.

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