Shooing Spiders Away: Top Spider Prevention Tips

spider prevention tips for your home

Shooing Spiders Away: The Top Spider Prevention Tips

No one likes finding a spider in their home. Check out this guide to learn the top spider prevention tips.

Is Lucas the Spider simply out of your league? Do you channel your Little Miss Muffet every time you see a web? Too old for the responsibility of being Spiderman? Where is Peter Parker when you need him?

When you see a spider do you immediately think FLAMETHROWER? Are you tempted to burn your house down to get rid of spiders?

That may be a drastic step for spider prevention.

There are around 35,000 different spider species in the world. You probably don’t want any of them inside your home. The feeling is pretty mutual. Spiders evolved to keep insects in check, so eliminating their prey is one step in the right direction.

Spider prevention doesn’t have to involve nasty chemicals or extraordinary action. Read on to learn more.

Eliminate Tasty Prey

Wipe out food sources to limit spiders. Some web builders prefer flying insects, so window screens help a great deal. For the most part, spiders enter your home looking for undisturbed spots to eat and build webs.

Easy to implement spider prevention solutions include:

              • Weatherseal windows and doors
              • Seal openings around utility lines and other entries through walls
              • Remove food and water sources for insects
              • De-clutter and clean under and around furniture and appliances
              • Remove food sources in attics and basements
              • Change out lights to limit bug attraction

Web builders prefer flying insects, but running and jumping spiders prefer crawling pests. Some spiders even eat small lizards or mice! Pest infestations mean that spiders have a food source.

Space Between Your House and Plants

Pests climb from nearby branches onto your home. Overgrowth gives plenty of coverage to hide and trap prey. Maintain a 3″-6″ clear space around your home.

Trim back any branches or shrubs in your clear perimeter. Remove leaf litter from the area too.

Knock down and remove any webs frequently. If spiders can’t catch prey, they move on!

Natural Spider Prevention

Strong-smelling herbs have a long history as pest repellents. Insects (prey) and spiders tend to avoid them. You can plant these herbs near your home, place dry sachets of herbs in corners or make up a spray with essential oils.

                                • Cedar
                                • Cinnamon
                                • Citronella
                                • Citrus Oil
                                • Eucalyptus
                                • Lavender
                                • Lemon balm
                                • Lemon verbena
                                • Lemongrass
                                • Peppermint
                                • Tea Tree

Add a few drops of essential oil to soap and distilled water solution for a spray. Outdoors, use cedar mulch or mix cinnamon bark into your mulch. For longer-lasting pest control, diatomaceous earth is a traditional deterrent.

Dust diatomaceous earth in areas where you see crawling bugs. Distribute the dust evenly in a thin coating.

Keep Spiders and Pests Out

None of these methods is an instant fix, however. If you have a current spider problem or a dangerous type of spider infestation, you might need professional help urgently.

Give us a call anytime. You call today, we come today! (954) 771-3400

Keeping spiders outside your home is difficult, but it’s not impossible… especially with our help.

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