Termite Takeover: The Top Termite Control Tips

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Termite Takeover: The Top Termite Control Tips

The Top Termite Control Tips

How do you keep termites away from your home? Check out this guide to learn the top termite control tips.

It can be hard to keep termites at bay when you live in a hot and humid place.

When termites invade your home, you’ve only got a few options. Coming out of the colder months, termite colonies start to grow and when they grow they’re capable of invading and destroying a home in no time.

Once they’ve invaded, termites are hard to get rid of, so you need to try and keep them out at the start of spring. In this post, we’re going to give you some termite control tips to keep your house safe and sound this summer.

Termites cause $5 billion in damage to US homes every year, so don’t let your home become part of the statistic.

Termite Control Tips

Termite colonies grow in very specific conditions, so if you can reduce and control these conditions in your home, you should be safe. Here are your termite control tips.

Keep Moisture Levels Down

The most dangerous termite colonies manifest underground, where it’s moist and there’s a nearby food source. Keep tabs on the moisture levels in your house, especially around your foundation.

Have your gutters send out rainwater at least 3 feet from the house and make sure that any sprinkler systems are kept away from your foundation. Hose attachments should be turned off when not in use and you should ensure that there are never any leaks.

Make Sure Mulch is Fresh

When you let your mulch sit for too long, the lower levels will be infested with bugs of all varieties. If your mulch is holding moisture, then replace it with fresh stuff fairly regularly.

When the mulch is old, moist, and close to your foundation, that’s where a termite colony could crop up because you’re basically giving them a safe place to procreate.

Keep Firewood and Foliage Away

Termites feed on dead wood. That means if you’ve got a stack of firewood leaned up against your house or dead tree branches in your yard, you’re susceptible to infestation.

Keep all of these things away from the house. Properly store firewood and trim your trees regularly so that the termites don’t have a food source in your yard.

Your Gutters

Ensuring that your gutters aren’t clogged is important to keep termites away. When they’re full of leaves and sticks, moisture tends to build up and create a safe environment for termites to feast in.

Improving your drainage is one of the best ways to lower the moisture levels of your home.

Get WDO Inspections

Lastly, you should really get your home inspected for termites every spring. If you want to be certain that your house is safe and pest-free, don’t rely solely on your own devices.

Once the termites have taken over, it’ll be costly to get rid of them and make repairs to your home. It’s far better to pay for a yearly inspection and give yourself peace of mind for the spring and summer months.

Keeping an Eye on Problem Areas

Termite control is all about upkeep and learning what environments termites thrive in. To get your house inspected, call AAA Pest Control. We can eliminate all traces of termites and help prevent your home from suffering other pest-related damage.

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