Keep Pests From Haunting Your House !

Some pests are scarier than any Halloween Horror Movie and they may be right there in YOUR Home!

Rats and Creepy Crawlies and Spiders and Vampires (Bed Bugs) OH MY!

Hear scary noises, scuffling sounds? You may have RODENTS!

Bugs and KissesRodents move inside as temperatures drop in our Florida Fall…Once inside, rats and other pests can do more than just provide their fair share of scares. They are capable of contaminating food, spreading disease and posing a threat to property.

Rodents can spread Salmonella and Hantavirus and create fire hazards by gnawing through electrical wires in the home. They trigger allergies and asthma, especially in kids.

Creepy Crawlies – Roaches spread disease and also cause allergy and asthma attacks! They date back to Prehistoric times and outlived the dinosaurs, flourishing today!

Headless Horseman? Cockroaches can live a whole week without their heads. The headless cockroach will eventually die from thirst – because they have no mouth to drink with.

Webs are not just a scary Halloween decoration – they are an all too real sign of spiders. Spiders can administer a painful bite when disturbed. Florida also is home to some truly poisonous varieties – Widow and Brown Recluse – DANGER!

Real Life Bloodsucking Vampires ? Bed Bugs attack you while you sleep – like Vampires they come out at night. They inject their own “anesthetic” that numbs you while you sleep so you usually do not wake up! They engorge themselves and fatten up with YOUR blood – shades of Dracula! These creepy crawlers can’t fly and don’t travel far – they hitch hike on luggage, people’s clothing etc. and hide from view.

These creepy critters are all tricks and nasty ones at that. Have a safe and fun Halloween and be sure t call AAA Pest Control if you suspect a Haunting at your home!

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